July 21-22, 2021 / Online

Content Strategy and Service Design: Better Together

Magic together

Natalie Dunbar

Content that supports the successful purchase of products (a.k.a. ""the goods"") being offered by a brand signal a win for both the business and the customer. Whether completing a transaction in a traditional physical location or on the brand’s app or website, everyone gets what they want when a coveted object or much-needed item is available for purchase and that purchase is made successfully.

But things at the ‘services’ end of ‘goods and services’ sometimes suffer from a lack of attention to detail, especially where content is concerned. Customers seeking services like paying bills or making an appointment not only expect that these types of transactions to be completed without a hitch, but they also expect:

  • Ease of use
  • A clear understanding of the service being offered
  • Content that provides context or explains the options being presented

With so much focus on digital experiences that foster the purchase of products or goods, sometimes the service piece gets neglected. The problem with that is, as more brand experiences blur the lines between products and services, especially in digital spaces, customers expect that they will receive services on par with the value of the goods they purchased.

So what can a brand do to ensure that every touchpoint is positive, (relatively) free of friction, and keeps employees informed and customers loyal?

That’s where content strategy and service design make magic together.

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