July 21-22, 2021 / Online

It Feels Like Hate is Winning

Written by Steve Fisher

July 22, 2019

You may have noticed, that the Design & Content Conference isn't just about the technical work that we do. It is also about learning how we can help improve the world around us, how we can care about the societies we live in. Care about social justice issues, care about dialogue. I don't think we have a lot of dialogue, at times. Hate wins when we collectively let it. When we stop and see terrible things. And we decide that we don't have to do something about it. It can be overwhelming, but when we take complete inaction, we are letting it happen, we are enablers of that hate. That doesn't mean that you are the one and only hero that will solve the world's problems. But collectively, maybe we are.

There are four key things to take-away:

  1. Think liminally
  2. Step outside of your bubble
  3. Improve the world
  4. Foster compassion.

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