July 21-22, 2021 / Online

Design Systems Panel with DesignX at the Rio Theatre

Written by Steve Fisher

June 22, 2018

On July 24th we’re partnering with TELUS Digital and The DesignX Community to bring an extra bit of our Design & Content fun to Vancouver through an exciting panel on Design Systems.

To make a bit more room we’re hosting the panel at The Rio Theatre in East Vancouver. The event is free to everyone, but there are only 400 tickets so you'll need to sign up for the Style & Class Meetup and get a ticket quickly! Tickets will be released on Tuesday June 26th at 9AM PDT.


Design Systems in the Wild

Design systems are always evolving, and the way you share and encourage adoption of new iterations will evolve along the way as well. –Diana Mounter, Design Systems Manager at GitHub

Building a library of design patterns, rules, and UX guidelines prevent inconsistencies when shipping products at scale. A design system can shape the experiences we create and also the experiences teams have when creating. Collaborating at scale is complex and systems need to have both rules and remain flexible to survive in the wild. As we grow, so does the diversity of our design system teams, and collaborating becomes more complex. This shift demands we consider every relationship — from pixels to people. Join us and learn from leaders scaling systems at Google, TELUS, Abstract, and Shopify.

Our Speakers

  • Jane Makich, Lead Program Manager for Material Design, Google
  • Josh Brewer, CEO of Abstract, an Advisor & Mentor to the Designer Fund, and previously as Principal Designer at Twitter
  • Lucy List, Design Lead for Telus Design System, TELUS Digital
  • Nick Looijmans, Leads Shopify's Polaris and Foundations teams
  • Preet Singh - Our Panel MC, Founder, DesignX Community & Senior Design Lead, TWG

Huge thanks to TELUS Digital for their Sponsorship of the opening event of the Design & Content Conference week and making it possible for us to provide this extra event at no charge to you!

Where to Get Tickets

The tickets for this opening event will be made available through the Style & Class Meetup group. You'll need to join the Meetup group to get access. Don't worry, they're a great bunch and will never spam you. Tickets for this extra event will be released June 26th, 2018. It sells out every year so be ready to grab yours that day. All you need to do is RSVP to the Meetup. That's your ticket!

Doors open at 6:15, the panel starts at 7:00pm. No admittance after 7:15pm.

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