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Get Ready for DCC18 in Vancouver!

Written by Steve Fisher

December 5, 2017

A great recap video of our first three years and ahead to year four! Looking forward to our July 2018 conference. See you in Vancouver this summer! It's awesome.


Steve Fisher Designing content is one of our favorite things. We're bringing together designers and content strategists from all over the world because we believe that we're better together and that we need to work together to find real solutions for our world.

It's always a great time, really great community of people, really nice feeling being here.

Great time, learned a lot, connected with a lot of great people and I'm so excited for next year.

I liked how they touched a lot on empathy and how content and design plays a huge role in that.

I think because it's a conference that's fundamentally about two different groups of people understanding each other, you actually get more open mindedness and more of a breadth of content than you normally do at a conference. So it makes for a really open environment.

Design has a lot of power. More power I think than we sometimes realize. And so the question is not whether we have power, but how we'll use it.

When I say design, I mean the broadest possible sense of design. The experiences that we as human beings create for another human being.

Steve Fisher I was seeing a void for events like this where it brought together designers for web and product and content strategists for web and product. We want people to have a common experience, but we also want them to take away that we're building and creating and writing and doing all these things for real people, and hopefully to make it better for those people. To discover new voices and voices that we just didn't know about.

The mix of the content and the UX and the design, it's just perfect. It just really captures what we all need to be working on.

It was great.

It was amazing.

It was really valuable.


It was a fantastic conference.

I loved it, will definitely be back.

It was a great time.

It was amazing.

It's amazing.

All the talks were awesome.

It was awesome.

I had an awesome time.

It was a wonderful conference, magical.

Important topics, good speakers, good community.

It's day one and I'm a little sad that it's only a two-day event.

It was very educational.

Very empowering talks.

Encouraging to hear so many different perspectives.

I'm from Washington DC and it was worth the trip.

Working in London, will come back for some more.

It was awesome. Everyone in the audience was just mind blown.

It's very inspiring from the teams to the design practices. It's pretty cool.

I felt like I really came away with practical takeaway items to actually make my professional life better.

I'm learning that I can take away back to my company and actually implement it with things that we'll do moving forward.

It's pretty much perfect for what I need.

It'll be good to implement this when we're collaborating with our teams.

I would come back in a heartbeat and I'm recommending it to all my friends.

We would definitely come back.

We would definitely come back, yeah.

I'd like to come back with some of my team members next year.

I would recommend it to any of my friends or colleagues, especially if they're in design.

It was a phenomenal experience, great content, amazing people. I'm excited for 2018.

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