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DCC17 Speaker Announcement

Written by Shannon Fisher

December 14, 2016

Announcing Four More Speakers for 2017

Our production team has been busy reviewing the 70+ speaker submissions DCC received this year. Thanks to everyone who submitted — choosing wasn’t easy! We’ve been reaching out to speakers who make us squee, keeping diversity, representation, and expertise at the top of mind.

As the yeses come in and contracts are signed, we’re adding them to the site. Sometimes we get on a group call, load the speaker page and giggle like kids playing in snow for the first time.

Here are four new faces that have us making snow angels.

Eileen Webb

Director of Strategy & Livestock, Web Meadow

Eileen is a content strategist and co-founder of webmeadow, a firm that helps progressive organizations develop content and technology strategies to make the world a better place. Her background is in server-side coding and being that odd person who translates between the marketing and development teams. Webmeadow's offices are located on a solar-powered farm in northern New Hampshire. Her Twitter feed is equal parts content strategy and pictures of poultry.

Jon Crowley

Director, Strategic Planning, Publicis North America

Jon spoke at DCC last year and was so well loved that we invited him back. He’s a strategic planner at Publicis in Toronto. He's spent the last 9 years working in planning & strategy, helping companies develop a better understanding of customer behaviour, what influences it, how they fit into it, and what they can do to impact it.

Right now, that means focusing on how customers engage with brands and content, across different channels, different demographics, and different categories. Before working at Publicis, Jon was at Weber Shandwick, building integrated communications campaigns for audiences in Canada, the US, and Europe, working as part of the agency's global health group.

Marissa Coren

Content Strategist, Facebook

She’s a creative Swiss Army knife at heart and specializes in finding hidden storytelling opportunities where others just see pixels.

Marissa has been creating compelling digital experiences since 2008. She’s a creative Swiss Army knife at heart and specializes in finding hidden storytelling opportunities where others just see pixels. Marissa began her journey as a law school graduate before heading to the United Nations as a speechwriter, finally landing in Silicon Valley where she choreographs the ballet of words and images as they evolve across mediums. As a storyteller by nature and trade, her content strategy has most recently shaped the digital landscapes of Facebook, Uber and Walmart.

Sharon Steed

Empathy Consultant, Communilogue

Sharon is an empathy consultant, public speaker and writer. A lifelong stutterer, she utilizes her experiences with her speech along with her background in marketing to help companies communicate more effectively both internally and with their target audience. She writes and speaks about improving communication through empathy. She also over a decade of experience creating and managing content for businesses. You can find out more about her work at communilogue.co.

Join us in 2017

We hope you’re excited, too! We’ve got more big announcements around the corner, so watch this space and grab your DCC17 ticket today. We have special super-early-bird pricing until the end of 2016.

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