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Design & Content in Vancouver—The Conference for Designers & Content Strategists

Written by Steve Fisher

November 9, 2016

A great recap video of our first two years. Looking forward to our July 2017 conference. See you in Vancouver this summer! It's awesome.

Video Transcript

[Narrator] Design and content is one of our favorite things. We are bringing together designers and content strategists from all of the world, because we believe that we're better together and that we need to work together to find the real solutions for the web. I was seeing a void for events like this where it brought together designers for web and product and content strategists for web and product. We want people to have a common experience but we also want them to take away that we are building and creating and writing and doing all these things for people and hopefully to make it better, to discover new voices and voices that we just didn't know about.

[Man] Plenty of really excellent speakers and lots in there to fire the mind.

[Woman] I've heard so many great ideas that I want to take back to my team. Talks are great, the workshop was intense but fabulous. I'm learning a lot.

[Woman] Totally inspired, very inspired.

It's unlike any other conference I've ever been to. Just the incredible amount of learning that you get here, how great people have been, how warm everybody's been, it's been fantastic.

Really great speakers, really well-run event and everyone's just very nice and genuine and honest.

Oh, it was awesome. Speakers were great, talks were super enlightening. Great time.

I like to be enlightened, educated and entertained simultaneously and these guys always do a great job of that.

Creatively empowering and inspiring.

It was great.

[Man] Fantastic.

[Man] Love it.

It was great. It was very informative and yeah, I loved it.

Yeah I really liked the digital animation.

It's amazing.

Powerful, intense, good day.

A lot of fun, actually, I learned a lot, a lot of energy.

It was great being around so many like-minded people with the same goal and the same kind of skillset and the same mind frame.

Very inspiring. Eye-opening in a lot of ways.

I loved it, really good, thank you.

We're really enjoying all the talks.

I'm having a great time.

Everything's just been so amazing.

I felt really inspired during the whole thing.

[Man] I haven't been to a conference with this much joy just baked into it.

People were genuinely invested in the material and really enjoyed the conversations that we're having.

There's just great people.

It's an awesome time.

It's awesome.

It's awesome.

So awesome.

It was awesome.


It was really awesome.

Pretty awesome.

It was awesome.

It was awesome.

That was awesome.

This is a real treat for me, but continues to be one of the best conferences I've ever been to.

Great time.

The whole thing, it's been one of the best conferences I've ever been to.

I was here last year, I'll come back next year.

First time here and I'm definitely coming back.

I would definitely come back again.

Oh, I would definitely come back.

Definitely worth the trip.

Vancouver was fantastic.

Yeah, looking forward to 2017.

Absolutely, I hope to come next year.

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