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Design & Content 2017—Better than ever!

Written by Shannon Fisher

October 29, 2016

We’re well into the early planning stages of Design & Content Conference 2017. We started dreaming bigger and making lists on the drive home from the 2016 event. We feel good about the things we did right in our second year, and excited about the things we know we can do better in our third.

New MC

The most exciting thing we have to tell you is that we have a new emcee on board for 2017. Stevie Nguyen, a Vancouver local, attended both DCC events and joined our speaker selection committee for 2017. Stevie, along with the rest of our committee, has brought invaluable perspective and thoughtfulness that we’re so thankful for. We know you’ll love Stevie as much as we do.

Doing Better

We spent time highlighting and charting your feedback. Because great venue options in Vancouver at this size are sparse, we are somewhat limited by venue. Good news is overwhelmingly your feedback let us know that you loved our workshop and main session venues, but that we could make a few improvements at them. Your comfort and ability to focus is important, so we’re making some changes. In the spirit of doing better every year, here are some of the things we’re working on for you:

  • Power outlets under every other chair
  • Continued live captioning
  • Easier-to-access and more reliable wifi
  • A quiet area (for nursing parents, making calls, relaxing)
  • A chill & charge lounge with coffee and tea
  • Lunch provided on site the first day
  • Lunch on your own in beautiful Gastown on the second day
  • Coffee and tea provided both mornings in our break room
  • A later start to our days
  • Return to Science World for our conference party (SCIENCE!)
  • More social events around the conference
  • Spaces for people who need a break
  • Return to the Microsoft Excellence Centre for workshops
  • A registration form that includes more accessibility questions (what are your preferred pronouns, do you need ASL interpreter, aisle seating, etc)
  • We’re also looking into childcare options and partners to help. If you are interested in supporting this or know a company that might be interested, let us know.

Our focus will remain on high-quality, diverse speakers with a balance of practical and inspirational talks. We’re so excited to spend another year with you digging deeper into the ways we can make the web a better place for everyone.

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